For corporations


Design work


We are ready to plan and supervise new building projects as well as restorations, regardless of scope and nature of the project. Besides purely architectural projects, we are happy to engage in landscaping designs, interior designs (e.g. for stores), temporary exhibition spaces, physical products and similar projects. It is our philosophy to always search for a new understanding across a multitude of designs and provide plans that allow us to share our discoveries. We consider all possible data regarding each individual project, and strive for the best possible approach.

不论项目规模与功能,小大皆可提供高品质的设计服务(包括建筑设计与现场监理、景观设计、室内设计、展位设计、家具设计、产品设计、标识平面设计等)。 我们可根据不同项目的实际情况进行上述全套整体考虑的设计,详细了解业主实际需求并提出最全面、完整的提案。综合考虑各界因素,小大与业主共同打造最出色的作品。

Design projects world-wide


From our offices in Tokyo, Japan, and Shanghai, China, we have planned and finalised projects throughout the world. When heading projects in other countries, we develop a close relationship with local developers, planners and agencies, and establish a smooth communication between our client and everyone involved, for a high-quality process that connects to a high-quality design.


Creating engineering reports


Engineering reports detail the conditions of a building based on a thorough examination by an expert in architecture, engineering, environmental law or similar. When treating real estate, engineering reports become an important, established source of data upon which risk assessment calculations are based. Engineering reports also play a vital role in case of bought or inherited buildings whose conditions have not been evaluated in the past. Engineering reports are then used to confirm whether conditions for legal inspections are met or if streets tests will be passed. We prepare professional engineering reports regarding a given building’s legal compliance, to assess restoration or repair costs and earthquake and environment risks, and of course general building overviews.


Proposing a building plan


We inquire about our client’s ideal use for a property and offer the complete process leading up to the final building plan: from evaluating the condition of a given building, its legal compliance and compatibility with the desired form of business, considering necessary adjustments, legal re- registrations, earthquake and environmental proofing, we find the best suitable approach. We may use reports in conjunction with the two processes outlined above. For any given project, we adjust our team of experts to match each project’s individual goals. We utilise the full power of our professional network to find the best fitting team for each new challenge. We also welcome clients who have a preferred system of experts in mind and want to participate in the process.


Evaluating existing buildings


A variety of problems can arise with existing buildings, from missing inspection certificates or confirmation papers, uncertainty regarding compliance with the building standards act and relating laws, to difficulty obtaining loans from banks, applying for new certificates and extensions and so on. We investigate the conditions surrounding any such problems to evaluate if the aims of our client can be realised. We then prepare the necessary legal and engineering materials for requests with relevant institutions, handle formalities with representative agents and propose a legally compliant building plan. Through our actions, we believe we can make our contribution to an ever expanding stock of trustworthy, valuable buildings.


For individual customers


We engage in design across the entire scale.


We work with our customers to give a shape to their vision - building a new home, renovating existing property or something different. We are ready to support you from the very first steps of the design process, including the choice of the right building lot. We engage in a wide variety of designs. We accept projects for store interiors, gardens and property vicinity designs as well as product and furniture design. From small lighting to large temporary store units, we strive for new, exciting design across the entire scale.


If you are unsure about which building plan to choose, please contact us.


With real estate, worries can arise well before the design stage: You have inherited a building that you are not sure how to operate. You plan to open a new store but have trouble finding a suitable building. We can be of help with these situations. We ask about our customer’s intended plans for a given building and help decide on the best approach, after considering the physical condition of the property, its compliance with building standards and compatibility with the intended business,, the overall budget, reparation costs and rebuilding requirements, earthquake-proofing etc. For more specialised technical consultations, please click here.




We imagine that for most individual customers, dealing with building plans is an unusual situation that may involve unfamiliar situations and worries. We provide you here with a small list of common questions regarding the consultation process, but please feel free to contact us right away.


What kind of consultation do you offer?


We always accept new building projects, renovations, temporary installations and similar, regardless of the project’s scope and nature. In addition to architectural projects, we engage in design projects across all scales: from designs for products that fit into your hand such as temporary buildings made of safety hoods to buildings that people spend their lives in. We will also support you in managing your property as an asset. We create engineering reports, building surveys, evaluations and other written reports. Based on these results, we provide you with the best fitting approach for reconstruction, restoration, earthquake proofing and similar projects. Please also consult with us if you plan to start using your real estate as a financial asset.


Do I need to prepare before meeting with you?


Plans and photographs regarding the project you would like to discuss can be of great help. We will let you know about any additional documents that may be required based on the nature of the project.


Can we make costs a part of the consultation process?


Of course. We include every project’s budget in our considerations and make adjustments as the project continues to heighten our accuracy.


Do you offer support after the building process?


We carry out extensive inspections after the building has been completed, and we provide periodic inspections afterwards. We follow our projects after they have been completed, including communication with all construction companies involved, based on our established after-service standards.


How do I get in touch with you?


In addition to the messaging form of this website, please feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail at any time convenient for you.


I am interested in your service, but the planning site is located far away


We are happy and eager to work in a variety of locations, and will undertake projects regardless of their location. We strive for a smooth support of our customers, and assemble teams optimally suited for each project’s individual demands. Our offices are located in Tokyo and Shanghai, and we believe that having offices in more than one country is our advantage. We know how to guarantee a successful project with smooth communication across different countries. We also consult with overseas customers who want to develop projects in Japan.


Is it possible to consult with you before the planning stage has begun?


Yes, please feel free to contact us at any point during your project. In addition to design work, we also handle all processes leading up to the design stage, including locating a suitable lot, undertaking building surveys and creating reports. Rather than just designing, we consider projects as assets, and search for the best fitting approach based on all possible data. It is our desire to develop projects together with our customers that fulfil their expectations and needs.