We want to think about architecture as it flows in the works of nature.
The charm of the earth is enhanced by the birth of architecture, and architecture becomes a vessel for human activities.

The Origin Villa 

we designed is situated in a rural village of Zhengjiang, China, where even basic supporting infrastructures were lacking. In order to propose a project here consisting of six individual lodging facilities, we spent several days living in the village and experienced the mountain scenery, decaying architecture, agriculture fields, and livestock sheds.

At the same time as thinking about how to build here, we thought it was also important to consider continuing the way of living and scenery of this village. Don’t turn your eyes away from the uniqueness of the land, only thinking how you can bring in people, money, goods, technology, or other things from the outside to solve the existing problems.

Instead of importing modern building materials from the city, all the materials we used were locally sourced near the village, on top of reusing as much as possible from existing dilapidated building demolition.


We called upon the craftsmen who lived and loved their village.
The Origin Villa was the outcome of the careful handiwork of the local craftsmen who regarded this place dearly and had great wisdom regarding the characteristics of the local climate.



The meals served here are always made with fresh local produce and eggs purchased from the neighbors livestocks.

Involving the local people before building, involving the nature of this land,
To create architecture using the techniques cultivated by the craftsmen here.

To provide food with ingredients that are harvested here.
To rediscover the value of the culture and history here.
To create Involving local people before building, involving the nature of this land,
To create architecture using the techniques cultivated by craftsmen here.
To provide food with ingredients that can be harvested here.
To rediscover the merit of culture and history here.
To create a value that appreciates the abundance of what has been existing here.
Regenerating environment is truly a luxury.

The architecture that is born from this kind of process has the power to form a powerful connection among architecture, people, and the land.



The scent of wood, the rough stones and rocks, the warmth of the soil, the antiquity of reuse, the depth. Culture, history, and technology that have been built up over the years.

Each element draws out human sensibilities.
The light in the morning, the quiet atmosphere at night, the voices of everyone, the bustle.
Then, I humbly return to the scenery that embraces human activities, and it goes on.


It is not something that can be mass-produced in a factory, but a being in itself that is alive and thriving. Take your time and face it with respect.

We would like to design to eliminate any fixed concepts and find unique solutions for each situation.










我们拜访了那些生活和热爱他们村庄的工匠。 大山初里是当地工匠精心制作的产物,他们非常珍视这个地方,并对当地风土气候的特点具有极深的理解。