ichijo-toma is a lifestyle design service focused on Japanese styled enjoyable and comfortable way of living.

We value the wisdom that has been cultivated in the lives of Japanese people over the centuries, as well as the materials that have been long respected.

We hope to liberate the monotonous lives of people nowadays living in standard nLDK apartments.


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In October of 2022, we renovated a three-story historical residence in Jiyugaoka san-chome as our ichijo-toma Gallery, with a naturally stained Jindai cedar tokonoma (a recessed space in a Japanese-style reception room, in which items for artistic appreciation are displayed) and a continuous tatami gallery with an open view of the garden. This space will be used for exhibitions, talks, and other events related to discovering the beauty of Japan with the new generation, including topics such as fashion, food, and lifestyle.
*We will post events happening at the Gallery ichijo-toma on the official Instagram account, please follow the link below to view more information.


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在2022 年 10 月,我们将自由之丘三丁目的一栋旧民宅翻新为一畳十間画廊。 我们在壁龛中使用了自然染色的神代木,并设计了一个与花园相连的榻榻米展览空间。
*我们将在官方 Instagram 帐户上发布关于一畳十間画廊的企划,请点击以下链接查看更多信息。


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This is the shop site for ichijo-toma.
We will propose furniture packed with wisdom that adds color to our lives, details made by hand craft with time and effort, and matters that craftsmen have cherished for a long time.
We thrive for you to feel creativity and warmth in your daily life.


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我们将提供处处充满生活智慧的家具,通过精心制作的细节,以及自古以来工匠所珍视的品质,为您的生活增添色彩。 我们希望您在​​生活中能时常感受到创造力和温暖。